The following newspapers reported on my work at the University as well as school

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Participant of Project "European Energy Award"


EU Comenius Projects

EU Project:


A few of the Newspaper Links in National and International Newspaprs, in which I appear



Feb. 28, 2021: National Science Day 

The following newspapers reported on my work:

The Wire Science India:

Muck Rack:

Mangla Times, Feb. 28, 2021:

Hindi Newspaper CV Raman …, Feb. 28, 2021.

The Hindu, Feb. 28, 2021:

Divyan Bharat:

One new page:

News King:

The Tribune


The Tribune 2020 - National Science Day


Asian Voice




The Economic and Political Weekly of India

The Telegraph - Kolkata, India


The Hindustan Times, Delhi

The Tribune - Chandigarh

Defence Forum India

Defence Forum India

Blink - The Hindustan Business online

APN India


Down to Earth

Dool News


The Statesman, Kolkata

The Stateman, Delhi


The Statesman

The Hindu, Bangalore

Asian Voice


Report on my book: A jewel unearthed: Bibha Chowdhuri - The story of an Indian woman scientist 

1. The Telegraph

2. The Better India

3. Down to Earth

4. Bhopal Samachar

5. The Hindu Business Line

6. Vigyan Prasar

7. Tech2

8. Rajanaya Chronicles

9. India News Today

10 Intersectional Feminism

11. Revolvy Com

12. Twitter

13. News Now UK

14. Twitter

15. The Meghalya Guardian, Dec. 7, 2018.



18. Paper Dabba Com

19. Dharmkashethra (by Kautilya)

20. Organiser

21. Indus Scrolls

22. Current Science (book review by H.S. Virk)

23. Science and Culture (book review by Arnab Rai Choudhuri)

24. The Meghalya Guardian, Dec. 7, 2018.

25. Research Stash is a curated collection of tools and News for S.T.E.M researchers

26. Maa Sarda

27. The Deccan Herald

Bibha Exoplanet (

28. Read.Cash ( ).

29. Science and Culture - News

30. Kreately ( ).

Book Review - DM Bose


The following reported on my book: C.V. Raman's student - S.C. Sirkar: Life and Science:

1. Vigyanprasar

2. Down to Earth

3. Business Line

4. The Better India

5. Tech 2

6. News 18

The Weather Channel (The Times of India)

7. Voice of Nation  - Organiser

Indian National Science Academy (Facebook)

8. Enlight Study circle

9. The October Sky

10. Trending News

11. Flipboard

12. Current Science (book review by E.S. Rajagopal)

13. Science and Culture (book review by A. Ghatak)

14. Raman spectroscopy

15. Structural Chemistry

16. Indian J. Hist. Sci.

17. Proceedings of INSA (book review)

18. Indian Science Wire

19. APN


Report on the book: Einstein Rediscovered - Interactions with Indian academics

1. Science Wire India

2. Down to Earth

3. Research Trash

4. Delhi Post

5. Hindi Newspaper reports under breaking news

6. GT Times

7. Indus Scroll

8. The Frontline

9. The Statesman

10. Current Science, book review ( ).


 Book review: CV Raman and Media - Part II

Indian Science Journal ( ).

Indus Scrolls: (

Asian Journal of Physics (

Book review: CV Raman and Media - Part III

N.R. Sen - His life and science, book review by HS Virk


Women Scientists Who Contributed to Shaping Science & Medicine in India: A Book Review

Book Review in the following Journals

Hastakshep News


Indus Dictum


Research Stash


The following newspapers reported on C.V. Raman and the Press: Science Reporting and Image Building

Part 1: Kolkata Period

Vigyan Prasar – Science Wire India


Hastakshep New


Indus Scrolls


Delhi Post News


Indian Science News


Vidura - A Journal of the Press Institute of India, Jan.-March 2020, pp. 56-57. Reaching out to the media to build an image, book review by Anjana Chattopadhyay.


The Financial Express, India, July 19, 2020, mention my name in a book review ( ).


Current Science Bangalore (Indian Academy of Sciences)

Articles published in the journal





The following reported on my book: Clay, Craft, Music and Science - Purinma Sinha's Life

Book Review by H.S. Virk, Current Science (




Science and Culture (Indian Science News Association, Kolkata)

SK Mitra Memorial Lecture (

Book Review by HS Virk, Einstein Rediscovered - ... (



Indian Science Wire


Indian Journal of History of Science

Book Review

Book Review:


Asian Journal of Physics






Turkey Newspaper



Uni Oldenburg Newspaper






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